Exploring “Where?”

Where are you when you are most enjoying writing?  What is the location?  Where are you sitting?  What are you surrounded by?  How would you describe the sights and sounds?

We can explore and experiment with where we write. We may write in our offices out of convenience or habit. Or, maybe a coffee shop is your regular spot. But, we have options. Some might advocate for escaping. This could mean a scenic and/or distant location. There’s a certain value to anticipating the magnificence of the mountains or the serenity of a forest. Being away may also have its benefits in terms of reduced distractions or enhanced inspiration. If a full-blown retreat is not in the cards, try a simple change of scenery. When I was on sabbatical, I tried writing in every public library in the city. I looked forward to the discovery associated with each new venue. Or, maybe you convene with others in a meeting room for a group writing session – maybe in another building!  Or, maybe you switch offices with a writing buddy. There are lots of options and we may find ones that are particularly fruitful.

Our writing location(s) may be something we’d like to invest in. No one says we need to keep our writing space “as – is.”  Maybe you want to decorate your space with inspirational quotes or pictures or items that make the space more colorful. You could adjust lighting and sound, even scent. Or, create “nooks” that provide various sitting options. In addition, think about how you could create positive habits. For instance, maybe you want a basket by the entrance where you’ll drop your cell phone or a timer that will urge you to take breaks.

Your writing location also doesn’t need to be consistent. Perhaps you identify multiple locations that are productive. These locations might even be associated with particular kinds of writing. For instance, you may want to sit on the deck when you’re beginning a project and brainstorming.

Or, maybe you combine writing with other activities. Maybe you toss your laptop in a backpack, take a hike and write by a tree. Maybe you write downtown and then meet a friend for lunch as your reward.

Experimenting with where you write can add some variety to the task and may result in some interesting insights on the locations that work best. As always, we invite you to share your ideas on Twitter at #RxWritingChallenge.


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